Sexy Massage On Client
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Sexy Massage On Client
he week went by faster than I expected. Today, Babita wanted to reward me by giving me a massage today. She was so ecstatic with pleasure and warm feelings throughout her whole body last week; she wanted to do the same for me. I told her to wait until next time because today was for her. I had never received a massage from a client before; today was supposed to be a day of firsts. Maybe she had forgotten what she said, but just in case, I didn’t want to ruin her day by unloading my self too soon. I was getting aroused just thinking about what might happen today.

Before bably appointment I decided to take a nice soothing shower and relieved myself from not having sex for several days. I figured this would give me a little extra stamina if Babita really meant to follow through on her promise. If you’ll recall she wanted to do the same to me that I had done to her last week. She wanted to suck me off and taste my cum; something she had never done, not even with Jim. We’ll see what happens.

Show time; bably arrived right on schedule. As usual we started talking or I should say she started talking. She was stilled pissed off by her prudish husband, Jim. She began all over again how sex was with him. “I tried to get him to eat my pussy the way you did, Khan. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done to me, and I will remember it until eternity. I tried my best to coax him, but Jim would have nothing to do with it as usual. He made some disgusting comment. I even offered to do him and all I got was a definitive, No way! After my last erotic session with you last week, I now realize how much my sex life has suffered.” I truly sympathized with Babita and eased her mind and body toward the massage table telling her how a nice soothing massage will help take her mind of things. She didn’t need much prompting today and appeared very much in the mood for some serious fun today.

It’s a good thing I took some of the pressure off earlier this morning. I could sense my groin stirring already. Thinking to myself, “If Babita is as horny and excited about wanting to suck cock for the first time in her thirty odd years of life, I will have to help as much as possible and stir her thoughts toward her ultimate wish during today’s massage treatment. I’m positive she would be totally in agreement to receive a thorough licking and sucking of her own.” It appeared I was in for a treat today; a double treat. How could anyone refuse such a heavenly offer! Let’s get ready,” I finally said aloud and went to warm up some lotions and lubricants while bablya got undressed.

I began thinking when Babita first started coming to me; wouldn’t take off anything that she felt didn’t need a massage; even after a couple of years she still got down to keeping her panties on. Now she gets near that table of mine and everything starts coming off. Today bably was totally bare ass naked waiting for me to touch where ever I please or for that matter where ever she directs me to please. We’ve gotten close through the years but today is different; she is going to touch me as soon as I’m finished with her.

Not ever having given a massage, she was going to try and do the same that I’ve done to her so many times. Even if it is not the best massage, I can guarantee I will have a woody just watching her nude form standing over me. I can picture her beautiful breasts scraping across my chest as she leans over me; her light brown fragrant bushy mound tickling my arms and legs as she maneuvers around the table. It will be hard not to reach out and touch her also.

I usually start my massages by working on my clients back. It tends to bring them to a more relaxed state faster so that the rest of their massage is more enjoyable. As I was returning to bably with some nice warm lotions to start on her back, I stopped at the doorway and stared. babluy was lying on her back flat on my table with her legs spread wider than I could have thought imaginable and then she would close them and then repeat the process. She hadn’t seen me. I couldn’t say a word. I just stood there gawking at this naked woman exercising on my massage table. Each time she spread her legs like a cheer leader doing a split, her labia would part and I could see every thing including the fact that she was exciting herself a bit by doing this exercise.

Even her vagina was visible with each opening and closing of her legs. It was exciting me to say the least. My cock throbbed again. I could feel myself growing and already starting to ooze a little pre-ejaculate. I back out of the doorway to announce that I was returning with the warm lotions and asked if she was ready. She replied that she was. I didn’t want her to know I was watching her a few seconds ago. “Today,” she said, “I want to have my front massaged first.” I said no problem.

As time went on, bably looked forward to her massage sessions with me. Even a regular, relaxing
massage now included a touch of sensual massage. She cooed and moaned of pleasure when my arms and hands would brush across her breasts and nipples. She liked me to lightly brush across her mound; she squirmed and wanted more as my fingers tickled through her trimmed fuzzy vee patch. Every so often a nudge into the side of her labia to push against her clitoris caused her hips to sway and undulate from the electric sparks shooting through her tummy. Babita was really into being touched all over. She loved the attention my hands gave to every square inch of her warm soft flesh.

“ajju, your hands feel so nice and soothing. I love the way you manage to touch all the spots that need attention.” I said to myself, “She thinks of my massage now as pure foreplay and not just a massage. I play along with her calling it a massage, but I know from her reactions it keeps her body and mind in a continuous state of sexual arousal. Too much of it and she will be at the point of no return. Today I didn’t want to do too much of this. I just wanted to keep her in this state of arousal; horny as hell, so when the time came, her hungry mind would do whatever it took to satisfy its desires. But I had lost some control from watching her stretching on my table earlier.

I did more than just brush her breasts. I took them in both hands and gave them a thorough massage. She enjoyed every minute; especially when I got to her sturdy nipples and started to gently pinch and twist as I slid my fingers up and off several times. She was shaking with pleasure. I wanted to do only enough to keep her tummy fluttering and still near the verge of wanting more or just let it subside. Things didn’t go as planned. While massaging her luscious breasts, I saw that bably was facing me with her eyes wide open and her mouth in a stretched smile. Not only did she enjoy the massage, but she was watching my thick cock swelling through my sweat pants. I purposely didn’t wear shorts today in anticipation of today’s agenda.

One gliding hand down her tummy and over her love mound as I finished her breast, told me she was already dripping wet. I had over done it. She was thinking of my dick. She had never even seen me, but she wanted me in her mouth. I went to her feet and she parted her legs. I could smell her lust before even looking up to her pussy. The table top was already wet beneath her. Her emotions and sexual feelings for me had increased over the years. I would listen to her and cater to her wants and pleasures. When I finished her feet and proceeded up her soft legs, bably expected me to continue until my fingers were pushing into her labia. She knew it was coming, but still quivered in anticipation none the less. She wasn’t disappointed. My fingers didn’t just nudge her lips today. They stopped and began gliding up and down her slippery hot vulva. Only several strokes for a few minutes was all she was getting for now. It was more than enough. Her hips were gyrating while she stroked her own nipples. My cock was hard and pounding in my pants.

I stopped and asked her to turn so I could do her back. My dick was oozing from excitement. Babita was in no better shape. She was hot and horny. I needed to cool off; and bably did also. Working on her back would help, so I thought. I worked faster than usual; my dick was still stiff. Babita still like me to play with her butt a lot and especially loved it when I would play tickle with her anus. She saw me putting on my latex gloves and knew what was coming next. Said it sends little shivers up and down her spine. Even with these light strokes, Babita sometimes had minor shivers and a few mild contractions. Today her anus was treated to longer than usual tickling. She was squirming and squeaking and cumming so I continued until her little orgasm subsided. She was horny for sure today. She was going all out today.
I was finishing up with her massage making sure that she was still very much excited. She was drenched between her legs. Everything she owned was slick and swollen. bably was primed. It would take the rest of the day before she came down from this sexual high. I figured if she was going to give me a massage, this excited condition would just about guarantee she’d do what she said she was going to do to me today. During her massage, she hadn’t mentioned a word about it. Maybe it was just all talk. Maybe she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. But then just as she sat up and started to get off the table she said, “ajju, did you forget what I promised you last week?

Take off your clothes and get on the table. I am going to give you a special massage.” I said, “I thought you were only kidding. You want me to lay on my back or stomach?” As I was removing everything, she said, “On your back and why don’t you scoot down to the end of the table so I can get a closer look.” I knew what she meant by that. She was going right for it. I was already semi rigid and pre-ejaculate flowing like a small stream. The head of my swollen dick was glistening with slippery pre-ejaculate. I was right Babita went right to it. She wrapped her right hand around my thick penis and began spreading the slippery liquid all over my already slippery head. A few twitches and a couple of gentle squeezes with her right hand solidified my shaft. She sized it up, looking all over it and then opened her open mouth and proceeded to slowly lower her mouth down on my thick my throbbing slick head. She spread the pre-cum all around the head of my now pulsing shaft with her hot tongue. She said that it was sweet and had to ask what it was. I found it hard to believe a woman of her age with grown teen-aged kids never saw this thick slippery liquid on her husband. That Jim was a wacko! She thought I had ejaculated already. I told her and that my anticipation of what you were going to do to me today had caused me to leak. It’s similar to your own lubricant when you become aroused. She didn’t seem quite sure what I was talking about, but settled for that explanation.

She placed her lips around me started to lick and suck some more. She coated my shaft with her saliva and my pre-ejaculate. She used her mouth and hand gliding up and down in unison. Babita was a bit clumsy and didn’t really keep a good rhythm, but it still felt damn good, especially when she went down on it as far as she could without gagging. For a first timer she acted quite natural as if she had done this hundreds of times before. Her teeth grated against my shaft a few times and short circuited some of the pleasure, but for a first timer it was still heavenly. Watching her still naked body and feeling her mouth on me and seeing her head bobbing up and down on me was starting build me up to almost the point of no return. After a few minutes, she could easily see that my cock was as big as it was going to be and when she took her mouth off to watch throbbing in the air, I noticed a strange look on her face. She was eying my penis with a new interest. I said, “Is there something wrong?” She answered, “No. It’s just that your penis is bigger and thicker than Jim’s.” I said that they come in all different sizes and shapes.
“My mouth is getting sore and I need a rest.” I sympathized with her and told her to take a break.

It seems that bably highly aroused state I left her in after her massage had built again. She told me to move back up on the table. Figuring she had enough because she was rubbing her cheeks not used to having her mouth open for so long, like being in a dentist’s chair. Next thing I knew she climbed up on me and straddled my body, she gently and slowly lowered herself onto me. She was extremely wet and excited. As she came down she stopped allowing only the throbbing swollen head of my penis between her hot slick labia. She grasped my thick erection with one hand and began rubbing and sliding me between her lips. All her slipperiness had totally lubricated my head. I could feel my opening slide over her swollen clit with each stroke. After a half a minute of this penis labia clitoris rubbing she continued to slowly aim me to her opening and slowly lowered herself. As wet as she was it took several up and down strokes she became accustomed to me. She said, “ajju, your dick is stretching me a bit more than Jim’s ever had. Oh, what was that.” as she lowered herself further and my cock stretching parts that had never seen cock. Down all the way I thought as she then brought her legs off each side of the table causing me to sink deeper. “ajju, you’re also longer than Jim. I think you just hit my cervix with your dick.” She just sat on me, impaled by my swollen madly throbbing rigidness.

I was buried to my testicles. I can see where her pre-massage exesteaming love canal as she sat on me motionless. She could feel me throbbing inside her. I think I was in virgin territory. I could feel her tightening her vaginal muscles around my member.
She squeezed a few times then placed her hands on my chest, brought her legs back on the table and started squirming on my still mostly buried shaft; a few short strokes and then after feeling comfortable with me inside her she began pumping slowly with long in and out strokes, taking my whole shaft with each stroke. Damn that felt wonderful. It was a good thing I had relieved myself before she came over. I was so excited by one of my long time trustworthy clients even touching my cock; never sucking and fucking, I would have came as soon as I saw her lower her mouth to me.rcises program was put to good use. She apparently was adjusting to this new filling sensation. My boner was pulsing inside her

Soon she leaned forward further and began massaging herself with her clitoris gliding along my shaft. bably began moaning and straining to say how good it felt but her mind really was focused on talking at the moment. Her strokes became shorter and faster. I think she was trying to wrap my cock around her clitoris. I didn’t think it could take that hard of a rubbing, but she was right at the peak way past the point of no control. She was out of control. I took her left breast and placed my open mouth over her entire areola, gently sucked as I licked all around her erect nipple. I flicked my tongue up and down on her nipple. I softly clamped my teeth on her nipple and nibbled and sucked it some more.

bably was working up a sweat having the time of her life; bouncing and thrashing all over my thick meaty bone. She let out a huge gasp as she began coming big time. She came hard against my shaft and almost at the same time I had to reach up and around her to hold her ass tightly to keep her contracting spasming vagina from slipping off me. She pulled her nipple from my mouth and collapsed on me with my penis still deep inside. I had to take over. My dick was screaming. My balls were beginning an eruption. One more deep thrust and she could feel my hot load shooting into her. I could sense it unloading into her hot body as well. She could feel my bulging cock throbbing with each load of ejaculate. I shot with such pressure; it felt like I was pouring directly into her uterus. I could feel her contractions milking every drop. She was still having mini spasms and contractions ten minutes later. I didn’t want her to get off. Those little contractions felt nice. Finally we parted and bably got down and took one more look and my flaccid penis with a small pool of cum still clinging at the opening, and decided it needed a thank you kiss. Babita put it back in her mouth and licked my cum and swirled her tongue all around to taste herself also.

I was thinking that she needs a little more massage training. babita apologized for not giving me a full oral massage. She said, “I have never in my life done anything like this before. I became so aroused from sucking you, ajju. I was thinking of all the things I wanted to do with it every second it was in my mouth. The fact that your penis is bigger in length and girth brought new sensations below my belly button. My excitement level was brought up to a peak again. I could feel the sensitivity in my clitty and little flutters in my tummy just thinking of what it would be like to sit on it; to see if it would even fit into me. I was fantasizing about how deep I could take it into my horny wet cunt. I was wondering what it would feel like to be stretched to that size. I wasn’t sure if it would even fit. I wanted to feel it sliding between my throbbing lips, I wanted to feel it stretch my vagina and glide across my blood engorged clitoris. I wanted to cum on it and that’s all that was going through my mind as I sucked on you, ajju.”

“Wow, I thought. “I’ve never heard bably use language like that before. I must have really hit all the right buttons today.” I told her it’s no wonder you lost control. You had a fantasy and followed through with it. I can only imagine that it felt like heaven. She had received everything she wanted-all of it. Jim would never allow her to be on top. bably never knew what it would feel like to be on top. It was a totally new experience and a new state of bliss for Babita. She kept saying she was sorry, but she couldn’t help herself. I reassured her everything was fine and that massage is all about pleasure and knowing your own sexuality. As bably was leaving I said jokingly, “Don’t forget you still owe me one.” She said, “Khan don’t worry, I still want to know what it feels like to have a penis ejaculating into my mouth. I never felt the pleasure of knowing what it is like to please a man with just my mouth. I’m getting a little aroused just thinking about it. Next time I’ll finish what I started.” Whew! I didn’t need all that. Now I couldn’t stop thinking about the last phrase ’till next time’. As you can by now probably see, erotic massages can get you into all sorts of pleasurable experiences.
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